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Shelly DeVries

Owner & Principal

Shelly graduated from UC Berkeley with honors. During her time in the Bay Area, she worked in the tech industry in both Data Analytics and Customer Success roles prior to moving back to Southern California. She started her recruiting career in agency recruitment for early-to-mid stage startups. 

Shelly spent years building out high-performing Product, Design, Marketing, and Compliance teams from scratch for top Silicon Valley unicorns Robinhood and Kraken. She designed and led many initiatives focused on data analysis, performance improvement, and optimizing interview process efficiency. These programs consistently improved performance and efficiency metrics by 200-400%. 

During her time at Robinhood and Kraken, she built, led, and mentored highly successful recruitment teams. She has a proven track record of effectively implementing wide-ranging performance improvement initiatives that double the average recruiter productivity. 

Shelly specializes in recruiting top performers for specialized roles from Individual Contributor (IC) to Senior Director and drastically improving recruiting KPIs.

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